Raypak Thermostat Kit, Auto Reset, 135 For P130 And PR206-406




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Product description

006725F Raypak Thermostat Kit, Auto Reset (135 degrees) for P130 And PR206-406

Raypak designs all of their pool equipment with attention to detail, and build using the highest-quality parts. Included in your Raypak heater is an auto-reset switch, intended to shut down your heater when necessary to prevent damage and unsafe conditions.

If you've had trouble getting your heater to run, or notice that it cycles on and off, you may be in need of a replacement thermostat auto-reset. Conveniently. Raypak provides high-quality and manufacturer-direct replacement parts for their pool heating equipment.

The 006725F Raypak Thermostat Kit, Auto Reset is designed for use with Raypak heaters with polymer headers. This small part ensures that your heater shuts down and resets if a problem is detected. With the right part in hand, it is a short service call to replace this thermostat component in your Raypak heater.

Be sure that your Raypak heater has polymer headers for a perfect fit and long-lasting performance from the 006725F Raypak Thermostat Kit, Auto Reset