Raypak Transformer 120/240V Kit

Raypak Transformer 120/240V Kit




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Product description

Raypak Transformer 120/240V Kit

In your pool heater, the transformer controls the energy being supplied to make it safe and usable. This essential component can sometimes be damaged through exposure to moisture after leak damage, but many transformers are also destroyed after rodents nest in the heater, chewing wires and causing a short.

If you have a Raypak pool heater, you can rely on the manufacturer to provide you with an exact replacement for your damaged transformer.

The 006736F Raypak Transformer kit is designed for use on Raypak pool heaters. This kit includes everything you need to install a new transformer, including all connecting wires (handy if you've had problems with invading rodents). The 006736F kit provides a manufacturer-direct replacement for your existing transformer, and is an easy installation for any experienced pool technician.

Every Raypak heater requires a different transformer to function safely. Be sure the 006736F transformer is the part you need to get your heater functioning as fast as possible.