Raypak Wire High Tension-kit




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Product description

002654B Raypak Wire High Tension-kit

Pool heaters operate in very difficult conditions. Exposure to moisture, heat, and extreme weather all take a toll on the parts in your heater. Wiring your pool heater can be exposed to even more hazards, often falling victim to nesting rodents over the winter.

Raypak is committed to providing quality, manufacturer-direct replacement parts to customers. With a simple and affordable part and service call, you can have your pool heater back up and running, fast.

Using the 002654B Raypak Wire High Tension-kit

The 002654B Raypak Wire High Tension-kit is designed for use on Raypak Gemini pool heaters. This small but essential component allows your heater to function as normal. If you're in the market for new wiring for your heater, Raypak can provide you with what you need. But, it is important to remember that all pool heater parts are unique to a specific model. Be sure that you have a Raypak Gemini at home, and the 002654B will make a perfect replacement for the existing high-tension wire in your heater.