Indoor Stack Kit for Raypak 206A Heaters

Indoor Stack Kit for Raypak 206A Heaters




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Product description

Indoor Stack Kit for Raypak 206A Heaters

One of the best things about the Raypak series of pool heaters is that they are flexible and reliable in many different environments.

If you have an indoor pool heater, or if you're planning to transition your heater from outdoor to indoor use, it is essential that you have the proper setup for safe installation and operation. This includes the placement of the Raypak indoor stack for safe operation.

The Raypak indoor stack is designed specifically for use in indoor heaters, allowing your heater to operate safely and efficiently, while providing adequate ventilation. Without the high winds, weather, and challenging conditions that your heater will face outdoors, indoor ventilation is a bit different - and requires a different stack setup.

This raplacement indoor stack is designed to replace draftoods on Raypak heater model 206A. This Raypak Replacement stack kit comes complete with all you need to install, including the inner adapter panel.