ClearBlue Complete Spa Ionizer System 240 Volt

Clear Blue



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Product description

ClearBlue SPA Ionizer up to 2,500 Gal, 2" tee and AMP Plug ( 240V )

Keeping a pool clean each and every day of the summer can be a challenge. Our maintenance and chemical schedules are intended to keep dirt, debris, and dangerous contaminants at a minimum. As any pool owner knows, maintaining the cleanliness of your pool can take a lot of time, and a lot of harsh chemicals. Now, there is a new way to keep your pool clean and sanitary, while reducing your need for chemical cleaners in the water.

Why Choose the Clear Blue Ionizer?

Ionization is a new and more advanced way to keep your pool safe and clean. Used in conjunction with chlorine, your Clear Blue Ionizer will kill algae, and harmful viruses and bacteria that can make your family sick. With the Clear Blue spa Ionizer, you can drop a zinc tablet into your basket once every week or two, and enjoy the power of ionization.

When you've added Clear Blue to your pool, you'll be able to reduce your chlorine levels by 40%, and you'll notice a reduced level of algae, and debris in the water. Chlorine is only truly used in a dirty pool, and the Clear Blue Ionizer does much of the cleaning work for your water, so your chlorine is less active. One of the best parts of the Clear Blue Spa Ionizer is how effective it is. Once in use, you'll notice less drying to your hair, less irritation to your skin and eyes, and less harsh chlorine smell when you're in the pool.

Easier, Safer Pool Maintenance

Cleaning your pool can be a hugely time-consuming chore each summer, and with the Clear Blue Spa Ionizer, you'll be able to spend less time worrying about your pool, and filling it with expensive chemicals. With a simple tablet once a week, you'll be able to deter algae, and make your pool water safer for your family and friends.