Sta-Rite 145387 26" Cristal-Flo II Sand Filter with 2 Hybrid Valves




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Product description

You won't burn many calories maintaining the Sta-Rite® Cristal-Flo II sand filter. A little two-way wrist action on the control valve puts the Cristal-Flo II filter to work cleaning itself. And this is one workout routine you won't have to do very often. Through innovative engineering, the filter's dirt-handling capacity is maximized, which extends the time between cleanings (backwashing). But best of all, the Cristal-Flo II filter promises to make your pool water sparkle in the sun and shimmer in the moonlight.

Sand is the most widely used filtration method for swimming pools. Convenience, low maintenance and water quality are the reasons for sand's popularity. The Cristal-Flo II filter is a time-tested favorite with pool owners due to its extended maintenance cycles, easy-to-operate control valve selector and outstanding water clarity. The biggest reason for installing a Cristal-Flo II filter: the additional leisure time you'll spend enjoying your pool.

  • Top-mount, 6-function, 11 „2" multi-port valve features a pressure gauge and manual air relief for optimum filtration efficiency.
  • Internal design ensures that water is exposed to maximum sand surface area for superior filtration performance and efficient backwashing.
  • Large capacity CF1126 model is available with 1½" or 2" valve.