Sta-Rite 42001-0063S Hi-Limit Switch




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Product description

42001-0063S Sta-Rite Hi-Limit Switch

Your pool heater has been designed with many safety features that allow your heater to perform safely, without risk of fire or damage. Because your heater may function with high temperatures, flow, and electricity, there are many switches in place that ensure input is in balance as it should be. The High limit electrical switch ensures power flow to your heater is regulated and safe, and if it is damaged, your pool heater will be prevented from functioning.

Sta-Rite has designed their pool heaters to be easy to repair in the event of a high-limit switch failure, and the 42001-0063S is a simple installation that will have your pool heater running again quickly.

Using the 42001-0063S Sta-Rite Hi-Limit Switch

The 42001-0063S Sta-Rite Hi-Limit Switch can be used to replace a broken or damaged switch on Pentair StaRite Max-E-Therm heaters and MasterTemp pool and spa heaters. For any pool heating professional, replacing this switch is a job that can be handled in a matter of minutes. Many intrepid pool owners have also made this replacement themselves (but be aware that self-installation may void the warranty on this part).

Note that the 42001-0063S high limit switch has a head that is slightly smaller than the switch in the existing unit. But, rest assured that despite a slightly different appearance, the threading and function on this part are exactly what you need to get your MasterTemp or Max-E-Therm heater back up and running again.