Sta-Rite Kit Tubesheet Coil 250K

Sta-Rite Kit Tubesheet Coil 250K




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Product description

Sta-Rite Kit Tubesheet Coil 250K

One of the most essential parts of a Sta-Rite/Pentair pool heater is the tube sheet coil. This essential component does most of the heavy work of heating your pool, and when it becomes too damaged or corroded to function, you'll be left with the decision to purchase an entirely new heater, or make a repair with a replacement part.

Choosing to replace your tube sheet coil can save you the time and expense of purchasing a new heater, and having it connected to your existing equipment. The tube sheet coil in your Sta-Rite heater is an essential component that should only be replaced by an experienced water heating technician.

Using the 460747 Sta-Rite Kit Tubesheet Coil 250K

The 460747 Sta-Rite Kit Tubesheet Coil provides a match for the existing part in the Sta-Rite MasterTemp 250K pool heater. This part is an exact match for the existing coil tubesheet in your existing MasterTemp heater, providing for perfect fit and function that allows for repair rather than replacement.

Note that part 460747 is available for special order only, so you should be sure that it is the correct match for your existing pool or spa heater and place your order quickly to get your heater up and running fast.