Sta-Rite MasterTemp Igniter & Gasket Kit

Sta-Rite MasterTemp Igniter & Gasket Kit




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Product description

Sta-Rite MasterTemp Igniter & Gasket Kit

Pool heaters operate in some very tough conditions, particularly when they are installed on Canadian pools. In addition to the summer sun, water flow, harsh chemicals, and corrosion that swimming season brings, heaters are also exposed to the extremes of winter. As a result, each and every pool heater will need service and repair over time to ensure it keeps operating efficiently and effectively. Conveniently. Sta-Rite pool heaters are designed for easy repairs, and simple part replacements when needed.

Many pool heaters have problems with their igniter as a result of leaks, a harsh winter, or even damage from invading rodents. If your Sta-Rite MasterTemp or Max-E-Therm heater is in need of a replacement Igniter, this kit comes complete with everything you need (including a gasket).

Installing the 77707-0054 Sta-Rite MasterTemp Igniter & Gasket Kit

The 77707-0054 Sta-Rite/MasterTemp Igniter & Gasket Kit provides a fast repair for damaged igniters on MasterTemp and Max-E-Therm model pool heaters. For a pool professional, replacing the igniter in your heater is an easy job that can be completed quickly. Anyone who is handy with DIY projects may feel able to make this replacement themselves, but should note that it may void the warranty on this replacement part.

This kit includes everything you need to replace your igniter and get your pool igniting again. Be sue the 77707-0054 igniter kit is a match for your current pool heater and you'll be able to enjoy another summer of comfortable swimming.