Sta-Rite MasterTemp Thermistor SVC HTR




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Product description

42001-0053S Sta-Rite MasterTemp Thermistor

Pentair pool and spa heaters have a reputation for top performance, providing years of reliable water heating with ease. But, like all pool heaters, Sta-Rite heaters will occasionally need service and repair to continue functioning at their best.

If the Thermistor in your pool or spa heater has been damaged or compromised, your heater may have trouble gauging temperature, or may give you an error code reading of E01. If you've done some troubleshooting and found that you're in need of a new thermistor, Sta-Rite and MasterTemp pool heater owners will be relieved to know that there is a fast and affordable repair available.

Installing the 42001-0053S Sta-Rite MasterTemp Thermistor

The 42001-0053S Sta-Rite/MasterTemp Thermistor is an exact replacement for existing thermistors in Max-E-Temp and MasterTemp pool heaters. For any experienced pool heating technician, this is a fast and simple repair that can be done quickly, with immediate results. Once installed, your new thermistor will provide you heater with an accurate temperature reading that allows it to function as normal.

If your pool or spa heater is in need of a new thermistor, be sure the 42001-0053S part fits your existing model, and you'll be able to get your heater running like it is brand new again.