Sta-Rite SR200NA Max-E-Therm Natural Gas Pool Heater 200k BTU




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Product description

Sta-Rite SR200NA Natural Gas Pool Heater

Nothing is more exciting to a swimmer than the first warm days of the summer. But, when the weather outside starts to get warm, it can take some time for your pool water to catch up and become comfortable enough for swimming. While some people are able to withstand frigid water, for many other people, it can make the pool uncomfortable, and discourage use.

When you add a heater to your pool, you have the ability to take more control over your summer season, opening your pool earlier, closing it later, and ensuring that every member of your family gets lots of fun, active time swimming each year!

Why choose the Sta-Rite Natural Gas Heater?

When you choose the Sta-Rite Natural Gas Heater, you are investing in a pool heater that is trusted by pool owners and pool professionals across Canada and the United States. Built with long-term efficiency in mind, the Max-E-Therm heater exceeds all industry standards for emissions and operation, providing an incredible 84% on heating efficiency. This means that Sta-Rite users enjoy low utility bills, without compromising on power.

Anyone who is short on space will love how compact the Sta-Rite Natural Gas Heater is. Despite the compact, low-profile design, this heater provides powerful and fast heating for your pool. Built to last, this heater has been designed to withstand the harsh conditions of your pool, and will withstand wind, rain, and waterfall without corrosion for many years to come.

Affordable and Reliable Residential Pool Heating

If you're looking forward to enjoying a full summer in the pool, a heater is one of the best ways to ensure that you can maximize your swimming time this year. Fast, powerful, and built to last, it is easy to see why the Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm heater is so highly rated by swimmers and homeowners.