Sta-Rite Thermal Regulator Package

Sta-Rite Thermal Regulator Package




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Product description

77707-0010 Sta-Rite Thermal Regulator Package

For your pool heater to operate safely, it is important that there be a mechanism in place to turn your heater off if there are unsafe conditions. All Sta-Rite pool and spa heaters include a thermal regulator, included to ensure your heater will shut down if temperatures are too high for safe operation. If your thermal regulator is damaged or broken, your heater will be unable to detect unsafe temperatures, and your heater will shut down.

Sta-Rite has designed their MasterTemp and Max-E-Therm pool and spa heaters to be easily repairable in the event that you need a new thermal regulator.

Making use of the 77707-0010 Sta-Rite Thermal Regulator Package

The 77707-0010 Sta-Rite Thermal Regulator is a replacement for the existing thermal regulator on Sta-Rite MasterTemp and Max-E-Therm Heaters. For any experienced pool heating professional, changing out a damaged thermal regulator for a new part is an easy service call that can get your pool working again in minutes.

With fuel, fire, and power running to your heater, it is important that these regulators be in place to turn off your heater when danger may exist. Though it may be frustrating to need to service your thermal regulator, it is essential that this part be functioning adequately to ensure the safety of your friends and family.