Raypak Thermal Fuse for 206A-406A Series Heaters




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Product description

Raypak 005899F Thermal Fuse for 206A-406A Series Heaters

Every summer, pool owners all over Canada trust the safety and comfort of their family to their pool heaters. To ensure safe performance, Raypak designs every heater to include a thermal fuse cut-off, included in your heater to prevent flame rollback, and limit the possibility of a fire.

When you're in need of a new cut-off fuse for your pool, you have likely seen an error message or more frightening, experienced a flame roll-out from your heater. For safe operation of your Raypak heater, it is essential that you have a functional thermal cut-off fuse installed by a professional.

The 005899F Raypak 005899F Thermal Fuse has been designed to replace the existing cut-off fuse on Raypak model 206A-406A heaters. This small part ensures that your heater can operate powerfully and effectively, without the risk of fire.

Double-check the Raypak heater you have at home to be sure the 005899F thermal fuse will be a right fit, for a heater that operates better than new.