Electronic Thermostat for Minimax heaters

Electronic Thermostat for Minimax heaters




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Product description

Electronic Thermostat for Minimax heaters

Included in your Pentair pool or spa heater is a thermostat that serves a few purposes. This part takes a reading from within your heater, ensuring the temperature is within the right range for safe heating, and providing you with feedback about the temperature of your heater. Over time, the electronic thermostat in your Pentair MiniMax heater can be worn out or damaged, and when this happens you'll need the right replacement part.

The 471431 Electronic Thermostat provides a manufacturer-direct match for the original thermostat on Pentairinfor Minimax heaters). This simple part is incredibly simple to install, giving your heater the ability to safely read temperature once again.

Every Pentair heater is designed to operate with a specific electronic thermostat. For fast repair, be sure that you have a MiniMax heater at home and the 471431 Electronic Thermostat will have your heater running after a fast installation.