Wire Harness, Ignition Control for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters

Wire Harness, Ignition Control for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters




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Product description

Ignition Control Wire Harness for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters

Pool heaters operate in very difficult environments. Your heater is exposed to unbalanced water, harsh flow, moisture, and tough weather over the course of its life. Elements that include wires are also exposed to nesting rodents throughout the winter, sometimes chewed or damaged when it comes time to open for the new season.

Zodiac provides manufacturer-direct replacement parts for all of their Jandy brand pool heaters. If you're in need of a new ignition control wire harness for your Jandy Hi-E2 heater, the R0302700 Ignition Control is the part you need.

Using the R0302700 Ignition Control Wire Harness

With the right parts on hand, replacing the existing ignition control wire harness in a new heater is a small and simple job. It is important to keep in mind that each model of pool heater will require unique wiring to function correctly.

If you have a Jandy Hi-E2 heater at home, the R0302700 can provide a fast replacement for a damaged ignition control wire harness in your existing heater.