Jandy Hot Surface Igniter for LX/LT Heaters

Jandy Hot Surface Igniter for LX/LT Heaters




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Product description

Jandy Hot Surface Igniter for LX/LT Heaters

A pool heater that won't fire up isn't going to warm your pool very much. If your heater has stopped working and you've found that the hot surface ignitor is to blame, you'll be in the market for a replacement. Conveniently, Zodiac and Jandy heaters are serviceable and repairable, with a variety of necessary replacement parts available for your repair.

After years of reliable heating, the hot surface igniter in your pool can become corroded or damaged, preventing your heater from firing up or warming your pool water. It is easy to make a repair to Zodiac and Jandy brand heaters when the right parts are available! The R0386900 Zodiac/Jandy Hot Surface Igniter has been designed to provide an exact replacement for the existing igniter on LX/LT Heaters.

The R0386900 Hot Surface Igniter is a kit that contains everything you need to get your LX/LT heater up and running again, including nuts, mounting kit, and insulating tape. Be sure the R0386900 Hot Surface Ignitor is the right part for your pool heater, and a technician will be able to get your pool up and running with just a few minutes of service.