Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Natural Gas Pool Heater 150k BTU

Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Natural Gas Pool Heater 150k BTU




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Product description

Hayward H150FDN 150K-BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater

When it finally comes time to open the pool for the summer season, it can be easy to forget how cold the water can be. Even as the temperature heats up outside, it can take a long time for your water to catch up. Icy water can deter you and your family from making the most of your pool, leaving you much less active, and cutting weeks from the swimming season each year.

Finding a reliable pool heater can allow you to make the most of the summer season with affordable heating for your water.

Why choose the Hayward H-Series Pool Heater?

With the H-Series line of heaters, Hayward has offered their most advanced and reliable series of heaters to date. This Hayward pool heater comes standard with a cupro-nickel heat exchanger, a feature you won't find on all pool heaters. This innovative design change allows this Hayward pool heater to withstand water chemistry in different types of pools. Whether you treat your water with traditional chlorine or salt, you can rely on the H-Series to stand up to your tough water chemistry.

This Hayward pool heater is extremely popular among operators. The easy to use digital display allows you to be specific in choosing your pool temperature, and makes changing it as simple as the push of the button. Beyond temperature readouts, the digital display on the H-Series also provides a status update on your heater - providing you details on any issues, and alerting you when you need service.

These innovative, intelligent, and durable design features make the H-Series one of the most durable heaters you can buy.

Reliable Pool Heating, Season after Season

When you invest in an H-Series heater, you can rely on performance, endurance, and efficiency. Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to repair, it is easy to see why the H-Series of heaters by Hayward have become a fast favourite for pool owners across Canada.


  • Standard cupro nickel heat exchanger
  • Excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance
  • Exclusive 'Totally Managed' cupro nickel heat exchanger water flow
  • Same water velocity through all tubes for faster heating
  • Patented header by-pass design
  • Up to 18% savings by reducing pump run-time
  • 2inx 2 1/2in CPVC union plumbing connections
  • Common union for installation or service, adapts to larger plumbing recommended for Ggeater efficiencies
  • Low NOx Emissions - Meets clean air quality standards

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year