Pentair 520911 Replacement Salt Cell For Intellichlor IC20




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Product description

Pentair Replacement IC20 Salt Cell For Intellichlor

If you've made the change to a saltwater chlorine generator for your pool, you already know the difference it can make to the comfort of your water. Once you've enjoyed a saltwater pool, it can be difficult to imagine making the transition back to standard chlorine. Even with the best of care, the chlorinator cell in your saltwater system has a limited lifespan, and will eventually need replacement.

With the Intellichlor salt water system, Pentair has designed a chlorinator system that is built to last for the lifetime of your pool, with fully replaceable and serviceable parts. The replacement chlorinator cell for the Intellichlor IC20 unit is a direct match for your Pentair salt generator cell, allowing you to have your system functioning like new with a direct replacement made by Pentair.

Why choose the Pentair IC20 Replacement Salt Generator Cell?

If your saltwater generator is in need of a new replacement cell, it is essential that you use the correct replacement part to make your repair. The IC20 replacement salt generator cell is a direct replacement for the salt generator cell in the Intellichlor IC20 saltwater system.

When it comes time for a new replacement cell, you'll be able to make the repair to your system quickly. Once the part is in place, your system will begin functioning immediately, generating chlorine to sanitize your pool water.

If you've had the chance to enjoy the silky smooth water that results from the Pentair Intellichlor salt water system, you'll want your system back up and running fast - and Pentair makes that possible.

An Easy Replacement for your Pentair Intellichlor System

The Pentair Intellichlor has been designed to provide you fast, efficient, and reliable chlorine generation for the lifespan of your pool. If you need a replacement chlorinator cell for your IC20 Intellichlor salt generator, Pentair has created a direct replacement with the IC20 salt cell. With a small replacement, you can ensure your existing structure, equipment, and plumbing can stay in place, and have your Pentair Intellichlor saltwater generator back up and running with a quick replacement to your chlorinator cell.