ClearBlue Complete Ionizer System for Pools up to 40,000 Gallons

Clear Blue



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Product description


Sanitizing your pool is an essential step in enjoying it each summer season. The majority of pools are cleaned and sanitized primarily by chlorine. While chlorine is an effective method for sanitizing swimming water, pool owners know that the scent and feel can be irritating, and that it can take an incredible amount of chlorine to keep your pool clean each year.

With the Ionizer System, ClearBlue has introduced a new and better way to sanitize your pool water, and reduce your need for chlorine each summer season.

Why choose the ClearBlue Ionizer System ?

Pool water can become dangerous to swim in if it is not sanitized correctly. With the ClearBlue Ionizer system, an in-line ionizer makes use of water minerals to combat algae and harmful bacteria in your pool water. These naturally-occurring minerals help you to fight harmful pathogens and algae in a revolutionary way. The ClearBlue Ionizer system is so effective that you can use up to 50% less chlorine in your pool each summer, and avoid the need to use chemical algaecides and shocking treatments - all without compromising the safety of your pool water.

The ClearBlue Ionizer System connects in-line with your pool system, and processes your pool water as your filter runs. Using a mineral test kit and digital control monitor, you can simply and easily control the output and efficacy of your Ionizer system. Ionization is easier to maintain than saltwater pools, or traditional chlorine pools.

The Ionizer system is capable of effectively sanitizing residential pools up to 150,000 litres, and ClearBlue also offers ionizer models that are suitable for hot tubs and for smaller pools.

Effective and Innovative Sanitizing for your Pool

Anyone who loves to swim, but hates the excessive chemicals required to sanitize their pool will love the innovative sanitizing power of the ClearBlue Ionizer System. With the simple addition of an Ionizer, you can enjoy a pool that is safe, clean, and contains fewer harmful chemicals than a standard chlorine pool. Save yourself from dry hair, irritated eyes, and endless algae treatments this summer!


  • 2" Tee & 1.5" Reducers
  • 115V plugin
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty